Broken House Sale Chain

You’ve found your dream home, you can’t wait to get there, and you have a picture in your head of how wonderful things will be once you move.  It sounds perfect, but then you get the dreaded call from your estage agent, “I’ve got bad news.  The chain has broken. You’ll have to sit tight for now.

All of a sudden, the dream seems further away, and you are in real danger of losing the house you want, through no fault of your own. Do you really want to take out an expensive bridging loan, and pray that your house sells quickly?

Perhaps you can’t wait any longer, as you are relocating for a new job or retirement far away, or perhaps you’re moving overseas.

You may already waiting in a chain that seems to be going nowhere.  If the owner of the house you want gets another offer, then who would blame them for taking it?  Where would that leave you then?

This is where we can help.  By giving you a cash offer on your current property you are not dependent on anyone else, and are immediately in a strong position to negotiate with other sellers – remember, Cash is King.

By receiving a cash offer for your current home from one of our property buyers you immediately take yourself out of the vulnerability of the chain.  Property chains break down for a variety of reasons, and with more and more people finding it difficult to get mortgage finance, more and more chains are vulnerable.  Make sure your financial and property future is in your own hands, not dependent on someone who is struggling to get finance for whatever reason.

Our cash offer allows you get back in the driving seat and get back control of where you want to live, and when.

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