Quick House Sale Advice

quick house sale advice

Quick House Sale Advice

When using a quick house sale company for the first time it’s natural to have a few questions.

Here is our Quick House Sale Advice FAQ to keep you better informed and make sure you get the best company or agent.

Quick House Sale Advice – What You Need To Know

How quickly will the sale go through?

Every circumstance is different, but usually everything is completed within 7 to 28 days.  Of course, if you want a bit longer then most good quick property buying companies are more than happy to work with your timetable.

Do I have to move out straight away?

Moving house is a big step and can involve a fair bit of organising, so most buyers will always work with you agreeing on a date that suits you. Most of them will be grateful to have a few more weeks to get things organised as it’s more relaxed for everyone.

Having said that, if you need the money quickly, chances are you will want a quick property sale and that will mean you should start organising for a move.

Will I receive market value for my property?

Because you are being offered a cash sale based on the buyers ability to move quickly there will be a trade-off . It’s always wise to give as much information as possible that could improve the value of the property- double glazing, garden, parking etc.

If you sell through an estate agent your house will often be priced at higher than it is actually worth. Estate agents may inflate the price  they say they can achieve because they want your business.  They may believe that potential buyers will try and get the price down, so they set it a higher price and hope to achieve the price they actually want.

Quick House Sale Advice Fact: Most reputable property buyers calculate the true market value based on industry sources and comparable properties of the same size, style and area.  Ultimately they will rely on a valuation carried out by an independent chartered surveyor.

I have mortgage arrears. Who can help me?

Even if you have mortgage arrears and perhaps even facing repossession a good property buying agent can help.  In fact they can even get the repossession stopped in many cases.   Obviously the sooner you contact the the more time they have to help you get out of that stressful situation.

I’m in negative equity. Is there any way out?

Many agencies actually specialise in situations like this and use Lease Options agreements to help homeowners in this situation get free of their mortgage payments.

Will I need a solicitor?

Yes, and it’s best to deal with specialist solicitors who are experienced in fast property sales.  Your buyer will probably put you in touch with them.  In many cases they will pay for your legal fees. They see it as a regular business expense, although the solicitor will be working on your behalf.

I’m not in a rush to sell-should I call any of those companies?

This page contains quick house sale advice so if you’re not in a rush and can hold out for full market value then we recommend you consult a local estate agent. Generally they will help you get a better price for your property.

Do quick house sale buyers consider any property?

Yes they consider all types of property, residential and commercial.  It can be tenanted or vacated and even in need of refurbishment.

Does this site specialise in certain geographical areas?

No, we have contacts with property investors in all parts of the UK – England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

How quickly will I get an offer?

You’ll have a chat with your chosen company on the phone, or fill in a contact form. They’ll look at the information you’ve provided and typically give you an initial offer within 24 hours.  This offer is always subject to a survey and independent valuation(which they normally pay for).

How much are their fees?

All good companies have no fees.  Always use a service that is completely free of charge for you.

Can I trust these companies?

Look for those companies with a proven track record.

Many companies have helped many people sell their homes and move on with their lives.  They provide a highly professional service with honesty and integrity.

They should give you the fairest cash offer they can so that they create a win-win situation and you are both happy.

You shouldn’t have to pay any commission, agents fees or valuation costs. You shoulde a genuine and fair no-obligation offer that you can trust, which will be treated in complete confidence with no boards or viewings.

Quick House Sale Advice – Final Thoughts

It’s natural to have some doubts about moving ahead with one of these companies, no matter how professional they can appear.

If you have serious misgivings about the company of agents you are working with then trust your instincts and find someone better. But make sure that you check them and their background so you can be confident of getting the best deal.

Be sure to ask lots of questions.

For More Quick House Sale Advice visit Citizens Advice Bureau website

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