Divorce or break-up of a relationship can be one of the most stressful situations that anyone can face – it can be tiring, and an emotional rollercoaster.  Add to that the process of dividing assets and liabilities and it can be very fraught.  At times like this it can be very helpful, and take the heat out of the situation, to place the sale of your house in the hands of a professional property buyer.

Years ago you would give the details of your property to an Estate Agent, and that may well be your best bet.  But with the market the way it is, many couples find it easier to go for a quick cash sale.  This helps things move much faster and allows you become financially independent of each other much quicker, as well as release any cash value tied up in the house.

Even if you have little or no equity we can help.  There can be fewer things worse than living apart, together under the same roof because you feel trapped and can’t sell.  Contact us and you may be surprised at how quickly we can offer a solution to help you move on with your lives.

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