Struggling To Make Your Mortgage Payments?

Economic downturn, Double Dip, banking crisis.  It seems like every time you turn on the news there is economic doom and gloom.  But behind all of these fancy phrases is the reality – that many families are struggling financially, living one bill to the next, with the spectre of unemployment and uncertainty hanging over them.

For many, the dream of owning a home has become a nightmare.  The heavy burden of keeping up with the mortgage payments, and the threat of losing their home if they don’t has seen many look to find away to relieve the pressure.

For some, it means downsizing, so the new payments are more manageable.  For other, it means selling up and moving into rented property.

Whatever your circumstances it can be difficult to get a quick move in the current housing market.  It’s more difficult to find buyers.  Potential buyers find it harder to get finance and may struggle to sell their own property before they can commit to yours.

Unfortunately the politicians and bankers who make the decisions seem incapable of turning the economy any time soon.  Indeed, some economic commentators fear that the worst is still to come, and with the uncertainty over the euro they may be true.

In these troubles times many people feel that they have no option but to declare bankruptcy as a way to get out of the quicksand of debt. However this has serious consequences for your credit rating and you will find it difficult to get finance in the future and may never have the chance to buy another house.

In these circumstances many people are turning to our service.  You receive a quick cash offer, and you can be free of the burden of your current mortgage in as little as 28 days.

In fact, if you have little or no equity, or are not looking for an immediate cash settlement you can be free of your mortgage responsibilities in around 10 days using our lease options agreements.

In the first instance complete the form, and we’ll call you back and share some options with you that fit with your circumstances.

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